Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So here are a few more Pic's
Well here I am finally. I took pics of some of the pieces I have made I am so excited. I will try and take more and better ones. Beading really is my therapy. In the last few years I have been unable to work. I have medical and mental health issues that keep me home bound. Some people say I have no life but I am happy with my life. I am almost 52 and I am happy to be home beading and being safe. I am not good around others for the most part so this way I don't have to deal with the world and others who strive to hurt me. Anyway I am going to share some photos and here ar a few of the places I like to go to learn and see different beading ideas .,,, On youtube I love Offthebeadedpath, beadsfriends, Beadifulnights, Beadaholique. I buy most of my supplies off ebay. So here are a few pic's I will add more each day. 

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