Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well I haven't posted in awhile been dealing with a lot of bad health. Sorry I hope to get back to posting.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ok made the ring to match my bracelet and earrings in previous post took pic with phone will have to do until I order my new camera Friday.

 This is the shank button ring on Aleshia Beadifulnight youtube and the beacelet is her Haugs & Kisses also from her channel on youtube.

I know pic's aren't great but having phone camera until I can order and get mine Friday. Hubbie is modeling rings!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The earrings I love the design I got the pattern and it is not in english  off but it is really easy but it is really easy 
 Well haven't accomplished much lately. I worked on the pendant below all weekend and I am not satisfied with it it is to lose. 
Well I came up with this bracelet and matching earrings today a spin on the earrings above. Really easy and fun but now I want to make matching ring haven't figured out how to accomplish it yet.......

Friday, August 10, 2012

More of the Star Rings from Beadifulnights Aleshia's Youtube

Well knowing me I cannot just make 1 of anything I have to make several to a bunch in all kinds of colors and changing up design a little, not to take credit just because it is me. This Star Ring from I love her tutorials they are very pretty and very easy to follow and she is a doll. Here is the best pic's I could take before my camera petered out on me. Well that is all for today had my 5 year old grandson and he is a handful especially when your not feeling up to par. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

 Sorry for 2 post but couldn't get them all on here. I love the bronze version I used some cool star beads. See the thing is I get a little OCD when I make something instead of making one and moving to next thing I have to make like six and in every color I like then sometimes I am able to move on it is why I can't stay organized which due to OCD bothers me but oh well so what right?

This drives me crazy because I can't position pic's the way I want man I am “Crazy on a Cracker” today uh? 

Well crap can't get all the pic's I want on here will have to post twice. Need to find new blog home. Well here are pic's of the Hugs and Kisses Ring and a few others tutorials are from Beadifulnights on Youtube her name is Alesha. The other pic is my homemade lighting box I made to take better pic's but my camera sucks..... 

 These are just peyote stitch shapes for pendants gonna hang something in middle.

Starfish Ring from Alesha at Beadifulnights Homemade lighting box but still not great pic's need camera.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rings are my favorite thing to make the first 2 are my tutorial in previous post and the Tila bead one is mine and the middle one are all mine.
I made a new board on Pinterest bead-weaving-stitches/ videos for learning all the stitches. Six months ago I knew nothing about beading I started watching videos and practicing and now I can figure out most patterns and stitches. So I thought I would make this board to help others. Also any beading things you make and want to share hey put them on my facebook page I would love to see it. I make something everyday but I have no one to share it with maybe you are like me and just want someone to see your stuff. I am going to take some more pic's of my stuff this week and put it on here and facebook.